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A nice place…the Jiming si temple in Nanjing

The first time I went to Nanjing in 1995, my wife brought me to the Jiming Si temple in the east of the city. This temple has a long history that goes back to 527 AD. Nanjing is a large and busy city with over 8 million habitants but the temple area is a quite area were you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. It became my favorite place in Nanjing. Every time I'm in Nanjing I try to go there. My Chinese family went to pray in the temple when my wife was pregnant of our son. They prayed that this time the pregnancy would be successful. When our boy was five years old we brought him for the first time to this nice place and told him the story of how his godmother and his grandmother came to pray from him. He understood that it was his time to say thank you to the spirits for their help.

The temple has a vegetarian restaurant from where you can see the Xuanwu lake. It is a perfect place to drink tea and read.

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You see Lawrence praying and thanking the spirits. The picture next to it shows Lawrence passing the giant guards of the temple.