Barnes & Noble

My little oasis...

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I took this picture from inside one of the chimneys
Barnes & Noble, my little Oasis...

Nurturing the mind and soul can be done in many ways, for me visiting a Barnes & Noble bookstore is one way to it. The concept of integrating a Starbucks Coffee in each B&N and by this combining Books with Coffee, is all I need to stay for hours.

Bookstores don’t have it easy these days, since many people like to buy books online. So in this digital century, they need to be innovative in the way they interact with the customer. For me Barnes & Noble understands this. Having not only books but also Coffee, a place to sit comfortably, free Wifi and excellent service by people who understand their craft is essential. When it comes to books, the latter is very important. In most B&N bookstores I went in the US, they promote strongly the Nook Tablet & eReader. Another indication that B&N understands how to bring the art of the written word into the current century.

So far my favorite Barnes & Noble is in Baltimore, Maryland, Inner Harbor. They integrated the bookstore into an old power plant. They reused the old large chimneys of this massive industrial building in a clever and decorative way.

Reading books takes time, choosing books also, at B&N you can take your time for both.

Barnes & Nobles
The Power Plant
601 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21202